Jennifer Townsley

“I believe in Arbonne because of the unique culture of love and honour we have. My primary job as an Arbonne Independent Consultant is to believe in people more than they believe in themselves. Arbonne is a place where this statement couldn’t be truer:

Success is the journey,
not the destination.”

Before Arbonne, I had never been part of any organization or community where I didn’t define myself by my performance or what I do. That’s the Arbonne difference. It’s powerful to come into [Arbonne as] a culture where it’s truly a level playing field; and everyone is valued and honoured regardless of their background or past successes or failures.”

Jennifer Townsley

Regional Vice President
Arbonne Independent Consultant
Started in 2004

pure safe beneficial

Our founder, Petter Mørck, expressed a real joy for nature, beauty, clean air and water. It was the foundation for his life’s journey. He understood the path is forged as you go. His product vision for unparalleled quality, purity, safety and beneficial results was as important as his desire to give everyone the opportunity to achieve financial independence. As we celebrate 35 years of Arbonne, we say thank you, Petter, and thank you to everyone who has joined the Arbonne family.

Dr. Peter Matravers, Chief Scientific Officer
“Petter Mørck was passionate and committed to a bigger purpose when he founded Arbonne. He believed it was our responsibility to leave the world a better place. Join us as we celebrate 35 years of staying true to his vision.”
Kay Napier | Chief Executive Officer

In 1965, Petter was in charge of a skincare and makeup division for a company in Norway. He was not satisfied knowing many products were formulated with ingredients not beneficial to the skin. He told his wife about his desire to make a different kind of skincare line. Before “green” was the marketing phenomenon it is today, Petter was green. Kitchen table conversations led to ideas overflowing on graph paper. Eventually Petter refined his ideas into a set of guiding principles for his life’s work:

To develop, produce and market skincare and related products unparalleled in quality, purity, safety and beneficial results.

To create and organize meaningful, challenging opportunities for people seeking financial, professional, social and cultural rewards superior to anything available in the industry.

To contribute locally, nationally and internationally to the improvement of our ecological, social and cultural environment.

With a handful of Independent Consultants, Arbonne released a catalogue of 19 products. Arbonne promoted botanically based product with an emphasis on a new concept — pure, safe, beneficial. Petter had started a product revolution.

Today, this global operation has nearly $500 million in revenue and more than 200,000 Independent Consultants. Products include skincare, nutrition, cosmetics, hair care and baby products, and are sold in the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom and Poland, with expansion to new countries planned for the near future.

Arbonne pure botanicals

Ingredient Policy

Transparency and honesty. For 35 years, this has been the hallmark of our product integrity. From the beginning, Arbonne has developed products by combining the best of nature with leading science. Our mission is to always improve and evaluate our ingredient policy as an everevolving standard of excellence. This means we continuously challenge ourselves to do better and better.

We formulate without

talc | tallow | carbon black | animal products or by-products | formaldehyde-donating preservatives | phthalates | formaldehyde | alkylphenols | benzene | monoethanolamine | triclosan | synthetic dyes | hydroquinone | artificial sweeteners | artificial flavours | cholesterol | trans fats | mineral oil

The Arbonne Opportunity

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